Language Identification: ISO 639-3 tir Other names: Tigrigna, Tigray or Tigrai Local name: ትግርኛ tigriññā Pronunciation: [tɨɡrɨɲa] Region: Eastern Africa (Horn of Africa): Eritrea, Ethiopia (Tigray Region) Ethnic Population: Tigrinyas Tigrinya users: 9 millions of native speakers Language family: Afro-Asiatic -> Semitic -> South Semitic – > Ethiopic -> North Ethiopic -> Ge’ez -> Tigrinya Early forms: Ge’ez (Classical Ethiopic) Language Status: Official language in Eritrea and recognised minority language in Ethiopia (Tigray Region). Dialects: Tigrinya dialects differ phonetically, lexically, and grammatically. No dialect appears to be accepted as a standard. Typology: The basic word order in Tigrigna is Subject-Object-Verb.Continue Reading