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DiM Project Multiplier Event –Provisional programme

Attendance mode: Live webinar on ZOOM

Organisation: CPIA Avellino

Languages: English, Italian translation facility provided

Date: 7th November

Time: 10.00 – 13.00 (local time – Rome)


The event will be held in English and Italian with translation facility provided


Provisional programme

DiM Project Multiplier Event

Grant Agreement Number – 2018-IT02-KA204-048332

DiM: Language as a vehicle of identity, knowledge and inclusion


The event aims to present the final outcomes of the DiM Project, funded by the European Erasmus Programme plus KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education (2018-IT02-KA204-048332). The project entailed the creation of an online open source Multilingual Dictionary, mounted on a digital platform and made freely available to all. Several of the project’s key players will be present, including students, teachers and academics with expertise in the field.

The event provides an opportunity to share the project’s findings and to demonstrate the Dictionary’s uses. It will also afford us the opportunity to reflect and exchange views on current practices relating to the welcoming and inclusion of migrants. Those taking part in the exchange will include representatives from government institutions, from civil society and from the Secondary and Higher Education sectors


10.00  Welcome address

Prof.ssa Maria Stella Battista (D.S. CPIA Avellino)

Introductory remarks by the authorities

Dr. Sebastian Amelio * — representing ‘MIUR’ (Ministry of Education, University and Research) — Directorate for ‘School System and National Education System Evaluation’ — Department VI — Adult Education — Lifelong learning

Dr.ssa Luisa Franzese, General Director U.S.R. — Regional School Office for Campania

Dott.ssa. Rosa Grano — Director of Local Education Authority VII — U.S.R. Campania

Ms. Emanuela Fiore — Head of Avellino Diocese ‘Migrantes’ Office, representative of ‘Caritas’ Avellino Branch Office


10.30  The DiM Project: Objectives, outcomes and project impact – Key players: Students and Project Partners


11.30 Lexicography and society: the language of speakers and the language of experts

D.S. Emilio Porcaro: (D.S. CPIA Bologna; President  of  RIDAP – Italian Adult Education Network) “Language and languages within the CPIA (Provincial Centre for Adult Education): Questions and Perspectives

Prof. A. V. Rossi  (Professor Emeritus Università l’Orientale – Napoli; Presidente ISMEO) “Fârsi Language and Iranian immigration in Europe”

Prof. I. Micheli (Associate Professor Università degli Studi di Trieste) “The natural supremacy of spoken language. Orality and writing in Africa

Prof. G. Lusini (Full Professor, Università di Napoli “L’Orientale”) “Language and society in Africa: the case of Tigrinya (Eritrea and Ethiopia)”

Dott. E. Minerba (Ph.D. Student Università. L’Orientale – Napoli) “The diffusion of Wolof in Senegal : the rise of a future official language?”


12.00 DiM Project Presentation


12.20 Language as a tool for didactic inclusivity: teacher training from theory to practice. Future prospects for the DiM

Prof. S.R. Sharma (Professor (rtd.), Deccan College, Pune University, India) “Multilingualism in India and the significance of multilingual dictionaries”

Prof. F. Aiello  (Associate Professor Università. L’Orientale – Napoli) “Synergy between school and university within the DiM project”

Prof. M. Toscano (Researcher (rtd.), Università di Napoli “L’Orientale”) “DiM: From project to product – steps and stops for the  pathway…”


Closing remarks


Languages: English, Italian translation facility provided