CPIA Avellino, leading school of the DiM Project, is one of CPIAs (Provincial Centers for Adult Education) set up by the Ministry of Education. They are schools located throughout the Italian territory which offer services and activities for adult education as a contribution to personal, cultural, social and economic growth of all citizens.

CPIA Avellino has a fundamental role in the integration process of migrant foreigners. Its activities respond to the communication and linguistic needs of foreign students for real integration and for the exercise of participation in active citizenship, so that their educational path significantly affects their project life. Our teachers are trained and prepared both in specialized language teaching skills and in the skills required to develop multilingual classroom management strategies for creating inclusive learning for all students. CPIA Avellino as well as all the other Cpias offer Italian language courses to foreign adults leading to the achievement of the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; First level education courses aimed at achieving the final educational qualification of the first cycle of education; First level literacy courses aimed at obtaining the certification attesting the acquisition of basic skills related to the compulsory education.


Our Partners

The choice of our partners was made considering the common objectives that schools or organizations have, the target group of students and the common will to share a project that everyone thinks is valid, interesting and suitable for the need to create a teaching tool in the process teaching and learning a foreign language and also a valuable aid for social inclusion within the school and in everyday real life.


CPIA Benevento was an easy choice since the project was born in 2017 when the two schools (Cpia Avellino and Cpia Benevento) formed the same school, in the 2017/2118 school year they separated and became two schools each with its own headquarters. CPIA the institutional reference point for the coordination and implementation of adult population in Benevento province to promote higher levels of education and/or consolidation of key competences for lifelong learning.


CPIA Ravenna has been a great supporter of DiM project since it was presented in an interregional seminar where all CPIA Emilia Romagna, Piemonte and Campania were present. As all Cpia, located throughout the Italian territory, offers services and activities for adult education as a contribution to personal, cultural, social and economic growth of all citizens.


Active Citizens Partnership is an NGO based in North Eastern Greece and has office in Athens. They have extensive experience to design and support programs that address contemporary training and social needs at national and European level. With the assistance of the State and the European Union have developed measures to prevent and tackle social problems and assist vulnerable groups. They have strong connections with migrant and refugee communities from different countries in Greece like Albanians, Sudanese, Afghans, Ethiopians, they are working also with pan African women association in Greece and the refugee forum where most of the refugee communities are represented. They offers Greek language program for refugees and immigrants.


Future Focus Ltd is an adult training center in Malta, Floriana whose students are in part foreign students and immigrants in search of jobs and a better life who are often not well accepted by part of the population who have prejudices against them. It has been delivering training for the past 20 years and its main focus is training people in the vocational and manufacturing sectors whilst also creating bespoke training courses to suit the customers needs.

Sociolinguistic reality in Malta is very varied and interesting They are based on a small island in the Mediterranean, people of Malta are bi lingual and many of them speak many languages


36.6 Competence Centre is located in Scotland, Glasgow where there are more than 125 various languages spoken from various Ethnic groups that will be very interesting for our linguistic research. They have experience in delivering a number of training programmes aimed specifically at older school students entering into vocational education and  they are used to dealing with problems of poor or secondary host country language acquisition; non-recognition of prior learning and experience from overseas, increasingly not recognised by employers; Lack of confidence, motivation or the lack of chances to engage with the labour market or education; Lack of experience of local labour market, recruitment practices and poor networks promoting employability; Racism or prejudice, a substantial barrier for employers; Poor employment rates.

IMS PRIVATE SCHOOL is located in Cyprus. Its students have different nationalities (Cypriots, Polish, Russian, Lebanese, Latvian, British, Canadian, Greek, Chinese, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, French, and German) who give IMS a notable diverse background that is beneficial to all students as it facilitates cultural learning and exposes students to different languages.

IMS Private School major concern is the in-depth examination of issues under observation such as gender equality, social inclusion, cultural and European identity and the implementation of actions with the most appropriate and innovative methods. Moreover, the sociolinguistic situation in Cyprus is very particular, as the island is divided into two ethnically and linguistically diverse areas.