Language Identification: ISO 639-3mlt Other Names: Malti Local name:  Malti Pronunciation: [Malti] Region: Middle of Mediterranean Ethnic Population: Maltese Maltese users: 520,000 (2012) Language family: Semitic and Afroasiatic; Semitic; West Semitic; Central Semitic; North Arabian; Old Arabic; Classical Arabic; Maghrebi Arabic; Siculo-Arabic; Maltese. Early forms: Afro-Asiatic Language Status: In 1936 Maltese and English were declared the two official languages of Malta. Maltese is an official EU language since 2004 Dialects: six varieties, besides Standard Maltese: Gozo, Port Maltese, Rural Central Maltese, Rural East Maltese, Rural West Maltese, and Zurrieq Typology: SVO language (subject – verb – object). Writing system: LatinContinue Reading