Linguistic Manager :  Its task will be to coordinate the phase of gathering the lemmas and the products of the laboratories in the different phases of the project and to communicate with the linguistic manager of the CPIA of Avellino Technical Master His role will be that of verifying, in the phase of the collection of dictionary’s words, the modality of digitization of the lemmas and of the products of the various laboratories in the successive phases of the project. He will also take care to communicate with the technician master of the CPIA of Avellino for the creation ofContinue Reading

Here I have collected a series of photographs “stolen” during the word collection activities for the DiM dictionary. For several afternoons in the school of Quindici (Avellino), the teachers and the students worked on the construction of the dictionary. It was a matter of recording the pronunciation of a word as it is translated into their mother tongue, of building a digital archive, appropriately classifying and naming all the files containing the data collected. The students responded with interest to the activities, proud to show the qualities and characteristics of their language, happy with the interest in the culture ofContinue Reading