The Second International meeting organized by CPIA Ravenna was held in Lugo from 13-to 14 May 2019 at CPIA LUGO (Ravenna). The main purposes of the meeting were: to monitor the results of the work carried out from each partner, to discuss the impact of the project on the institutions and students; to exchange impressions about the first stage of the project and readjust the planning; to discuss the building and the use of the platform. The main agenda items were on the first day (13 May) data collection monitoring; Exchanges and comparison of work experiences; First evaluation of theContinue Reading

​ Breaking the ice.   The first transnational meeting organized by CPIA Avellino was held in Avellino from 29 to 31 October 2018 at Istituto Alberghiero  I.P.S.E.O.A -Avellino. The Education Superintendent of Avellino was also present at the opening of the event to greet all participants, congratulate us on the DiM project and wish us a good and fruitful work. The main purposes of the meeting were the mutual knowledge of the partners; the presentation of the entire project in its different phases, the discussion about its realization; the division of tasks between partners, the planning of a dissemination scheme;Continue Reading